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Our Services - Oil Change

In Fresno, every driver knows that regularly changing your engine oil and filter, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, is the most crucial activity for maintaining your vehicle's health, ensuring a long and trouble-free engine life, and avoiding breakdowns or costly repairs in the future.
At Back On Track Auto, we emphasize that regular oil changes help keep the internal moving parts of your engine clean and lubricated, resulting in a smoother, quieter ride.
Regular oil changes will significantly extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Keeping the oil clean and fresh is essential for lubricating and protecting your engine, ensuring critical parts remain free from harmful debris, enhancing performance, and guarding against the most common causes of engine wear and breakdowns. Investing in regular oil changes saves you time, money, and headaches throughout your vehicle's lifespan.

At Back On Track Auto we are dedicated to serving the Fresno community. Our signature oil change service includes a 17-point inspection, which involves oil and filter replacement, chassis lubrication, topping off essential fluids, inspecting wipers, air filters, belts, and hoses, adjusting tire pressure, cleaning front and rear windows, and vacuuming front and back floorboards.

Our Oil Change Service Includes

Oil Change with National Brand Oil (up to 5 quarts of conventional oil)Installation of a new oil filter
Lubrication of chassis components
Inspection and filling of transmission fluid
Inspection and filling of differential fluid
Inspection and filling of radiator coolant
Inspection and filling of power steering fluid
Inspection of battery fluid levels and top-off if necessary
Inspection and filling of windshield washer fluid
Visual inspection of brake fluid level
Inspection of air filter
Inspection of cabin air filter
Inspection of wiper blades
Inspection of belts and hoses
Checking and setting tire pressure
Tire Rotation

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