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Timing Chain

Timing Chain Service at Back On Track Auto
At Back On Track Auto, we offer expert timing chain services to ensure your engine's timing is precise and your vehicle runs smoothly. The timing chain is a crucial component that controls the timing of your engine's valves, and regular maintenance is essential to prevent costly damage.

Our timing chain service includes:
Thorough inspection of the timing chain, tensioner, guides, and related components
Replacement of the timing chain and components if necessary
Adjustment of the timing chain tensioner to ensure proper tension
Testing and tuning to verify that the timing is accurate and the engine runs smoothly
We use high-quality replacement parts to ensure that your timing chain system performs reliably.

Common timing chain issues can include:
Stretching: Over time, the timing chain can stretch, leading to changes in the engine's timing. This can cause issues with engine performance and efficiency.
Wear: The timing chain and related components can wear out due to regular use, leading to a loose chain or worn guides. This can result in rattling noises from the engine or poor engine performance.
Misalignment: If the timing chain becomes misaligned, it can cause the engine's timing to be off. This can result in engine misfires, rough idling, or difficulty starting the engine.
Tensioner Failure: The timing chain tensioner keeps the chain tight. If it fails, the chain can become loose, leading to timing issues and potential engine damage.
Guide Failure: Timing chain guides can wear out or break, leading to a loose chain or misalignment. This can cause similar issues to tensioner failure.
Oil-related Issues: Poor oil quality or lack of regular oil changes can accelerate timing chain wear. Oil helps lubricate the chain and components, so low oil levels or dirty oil can lead to premature wear.
Engine Damage: If the timing chain fails completely or skips a tooth, it can cause the valves to hit the pistons, resulting in serious engine damage.

Our technicians are trained to work on a variety of vehicles, so you can trust that your timing chain service will be done right the first time. Whether your vehicle is showing symptoms of a timing chain issue or you want to proactively maintain your engine, trust Back On Track Auto for all your timing chain service needs. Schedule an appointment today, and let us keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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